Action Not Words

Action Not Words Win Wars
We Conservative Believers don’t lack instruction, either in our Conservatism or in our religious Beliefs, what we lack is the conviction to ACT on the instructions we all already have.
It is false and pernicious to say otherwise. Many supposedly good intentioned people think, (particularly our “leaders,”) and say, on a continual basis, that all we need to do as a people is to instruct ourselves more, inform ourselves more, teach ourselves more, and exhort ourselves more, when what we really need to do is organize ourselves more, and do it in a disciplined way, and then ACT a lot more in attacking the declared and undeclared foes of our already well understood values. We have become a lazy people, and a lazy people never won a war.
We lack, in short, the will to fight for what has been bequeathed to us, by our God, and our Country.
We are largely, in effect, cowardly lazy uncommitted bums who just will not fight, but would rather instead talk about fighting, or talk about what we are supposed to be fighting for, or repeatedly limiting ourselves to quoting either the Bible or former Patriots, as though invoking these hallowed words will gain us either victory in battle or God's favor. Words alone will gain us neither.
What Believing Conservatives need to do is take a vow of silence until we get our intestinal fortitude shaped up, and our fighting battalions organized, disciplined trained and deployed. All many seem to want to do is use their tongue, and not the rest of their body and other resources that God gave them.
Talk never accomplished anything. It takes boots on the ground to confound the enemy, and take and hold the ground God and our Founders granted us because of our willingness to “Pledge our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor” so as to deserve it.
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