Precinct Re-Organization Plan

Precinct Re-Organization Plan 

PrecinctParty.Blogspot.Com rebuilding plan is a prototype proposal. Therefore, it is necessarily a work in progress, which by definition, is subject to change and improvement. 

There are a number of templates that can be developed to accomplish our essential purpose here. 

One version would have us function essentially as a non-partisan organization intended to strengthen the Precinct system across party lines, as a civic betterment project. We could accomplish most of our goals within that framework.

Another template would be to have a partisan organization that focused entirely and overtly on strengthening the Republican Precinct System. Either way would work, or both ways can proceed at the same time. Presently, there is somewhat of a mixture of these being tried, but from our point of view they are way to little, less than effective.

No one should be put-off by the overlapping nature of these two approaches and every individual interested in this Civic Betterment Project should feel free to work utilizing both approaches by focusing on the fundamental purpose of this cause which serves us Conservatives well by improving people control of the Precinct System of the nation generally. Look on it as a golden chance to work with those of good will on the opposite side across the aisle so to speak.

It is not a bad  idea to let the ordinary folks in each party work together to create a political system which is more controlled by the Precincts rather than run by the bosses to their own benefit instead of ours. The watchdog function of the Precincts is an invaluable check on the politicians selling us out to line their own pockets. The goal of revitalizing the Precincts will increase the power of the Conservatives over the Republican establishment and elites.

A good example, is ACORN, (Obama's shock troops in the campaign,) which despite their strong Democrat bias, have maintained their non-profit status though it all.

Strengthening the Precinct System in the nation, will help the rank and file control the sell-out elites in both political parties.  

Precinct Party Mission

Precinct Party Mission

Our Mission should be to rebuild and revitalize the Precinct System along the lines that great Conservatives like Ronald Reagan envisioned. Note: He was a Believing Conservative, not just a Conservative, much less a "Fiscal" Conservative, but also not just a Believer, but a Conservative Believer. He was a Believing Conservative as were the Founders and all great Americans.

Note: Revitalization of our Precincts is, by its nature, bi-partisan, even though the resulting Precincts are used for partisan purposes. It is in this spirit that we approach this daunting task, for in the end, our work is in service to all of America, and our God. Fact is, both parties in our two party system are under-served by their upper echelon leadership and this can work in our favor as we try to organize our people.

RR was NOT just a "fiscal conservative" in the destructive and divisive sense of  being opposed to Social Conservatism, nor was he a Libertarian, nor did he ascribe to any divisive Third Party ideas. Consequently, we Believing Conservatives, being followers of a long line of Believing Conservative thinkers and leaders, throughout world history, understandably, want to pursue organizing at the Precinct level our like minded folks. 

We are determined to concentrate on organizing our people in our Precincts to influence and lead our Country. We are determined to no longer be excluded from the halls of power in our own Country.

This sort of discriminatory divisiveness between the "Grass Roots" and the upper level Grass itself, goes way back at least to Taft versus TR, and later to the Rockefeller wing of the party, taking a high handed approach to the "little people." Since then there are rampant examples in both parties. We want none of that, and suggest for our part that those supposedly among us who are uncomfortable being Conservative Believers, seek Liberal alternatives where they will feel more at home. We will do better without them.

Conservatives need Believers more than Believers need Conservatives. No Conservative could ever win any election without the Religious voters, and their loyalty, nor should they, and no Religious person has any meaningful voice, or any way to “render unto Caesar” without being informed and led by Conservative principles. For just as any Conservative who feels uncomfortable with religious people is free to find a home in the Democrat Party, any Believer is free to find a forum for their beliefs in the Democrat Party. 

In a democratic Republic, every religious person must understand that he and she ARE Caesar. So you want o know who Caesar is, it is you. You name is appended to the bottom of every law and regulation promulgated under the auspices of our “government.” So, if you are be “signing” your name to every law, regulation and practice of Caesar, then you better do your due diligence to ensure it is a Godly and good act.

Interestingly enough, both parties seem to have the same Precinct problem, which is the overlordship of the elite "Grass" disregarding the will of the so-called “Grass-Roots” which itself is a misnomer. The good and godly people of this Country are not the "Grass-roots," they are The Whole Entire Grass itself. It is demeaning all by itself to even be called the “Grass Roots.” We are not merely the "roots," that supply the votes, sweat labor and money, we are the whole plant or we are nothing. Grass is a  product of the roots, not the other way around. Without the roots the grass dies, but without the grass the roots can produce more overnight. 

Naturally, anyone is welcome to vote as they please based on what they think and believe, but they are not welcome to control other people’s vote and resources without their informed consent and imput. On our side of the fence, everyone who affiliates and joins with us must be both Conservatives and Believers, not just one, but both.

Let it also be clearly stated, that we oppose, absolutely, and without qualification, all forms of  Religious, Racial, Gender, or Ethnic Bigotry in our ranks, and that we will not tolerate such in any way, shape or form. America was founded on precepts of Liberty for all citizens, which are clearly enunciated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  On the other hand we, as an organization, must have requirements that every one of us be Conservative Believers. That is the only litmus test for leadership among us. 

And we must entertain no Third Party types, no Moderate, Liberal or Progressive types, and no Fiscal Conservatives, as separate from Social Conservatives, and no Social Conservatives as separate from Fiscal Conservatives, period.

Everyone is welcome to vote the way we vote and contribute their money and resources to advance causes we advocate, but we must stand for something, and be for something, or we are nothing. Therefore, we must have some strong qualifying conditions for leadership positions among ourselves.  

Therefore we do welcome Pro-Family, Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Amendment,  Pro-American Sovereignty, Pro-Constitution, Pro-Freedom of Choice in Education, Pro-Large Family, and many other groups that embrace our principles. Along with those who are Pro-Environmentalist,  (This because, we, according to the Holy Books, are responsible custodians and stewards of all that is in, and on, the earth.)

We also welcome those who are Anti-Abortion, and Anti-Contraception across the board, (specifically because we favor larger intact godly conservative families to preserve and protect this nation.) The low birth rate among Conservative Believers is not helpful to this nation's security, well-being and safety, and is definitely displeasing to God. We also endanger all of us, and  each other, by practices, and methods that reduce our families to below the level that is even a family.

And we are Pro-Constitution because we only have one Constitution, and it was and is intended for only one people. It is the best guide and protection against tyranny ever devised by mankind to protect, preserve and promote a people.  

The precinct is smallest governmental unit, and yet the most important in our nation, except for the family, and the individual. Taken together these are the basic building blocks of our society. We have, in America today, 50 States, 3,141 Counties, about 170,000 Precincts,  and 100 million eligible voters. That is an average of approximately 750 eligible voters per Precinct.

The Precinct is the lowest-level MCD, (Minor Civil Division,) in the United States. Precincts usually do not have separate governmental authority, (although they have had it in the past, and can, and should, have it in the future).

For purposes of conducting elections, (which elections represent, essentially, the entire will of the people in a representative democratic Republic) civil divisions of States such as Counties, Cities, Towns, Townships, and Villages are typically subdivided into precincts. These divisions of authority and rights, vary by State. Each voter's address is assigned to a specific precinct, and each precinct has a specific location where its residents go to vote. Sometimes several precincts will use the same polling station depending on practical matters like population density and voter turn-out.

A 2004 survey by the United States Election Assistance Commission reported an average precinct size in the United States of approximately 1,100 registered voters. Kansas had the smallest average precinct size with 437 voters per precinct, while the District of Columbia had the largest average size at 2,704 voters per precinct.  

Political parties, usually at the County level, often designate individuals, known by various titles such as "Precinct Captain", "Precinct Committee Officer", "Precinct Chairman" or "Precinct Chair" to help them keep track of what the voters in a Precinct feel about candidates and issues, and to encourage people to vote for their Party. But they also serve, even more importantly, as deciders in nomination battles inside each party. These are the minimum things Precincts and their leaders do, but there is no limit as to the maximum. Leaders of Precincts also often serve on County Central Committees of their party. 

Precinct are often represented by a Precinct Captains, but the leaders in Precinct can be called by other titles as well, such as Precinct Chair, Vice Chair and so on. Wider involvement should be encouraged. The term Captain may be a bit dated for some, so Country Committees should be flexible to meet their needs, and reward these warriors in every way possible. These Precinct workers are the royalty of every party, and should be treated as such. 

The vitality and power of a Precinct is in direct proportion to how much time, energy and resources the Precinct Officers devote to serving the electorate in these Precincts. At the highest and best level of organization for service, Precinct can be, and should, authorized to elect their own Precinct officials. Precincts can, and should, be encouraged to band together in larger units of common interest, anything to strengthen themselves.

Note: (not without significance) Religiously, the word “Precinct” can also refer to the ground (sometimes considered consecrated ground) surrounding a religious house, or place of worship. Such was the case in ancient Rome, and in other places.

The best Internet access to information regarding Precincts is to Google “Republican Committee,” and variations on that. One such is: