Games People Play

Games People Play

People love to play Games. (Don’t Sports rule?) Thus they talk past each other intent on enjoying the fantasy game that constitutes their life, not really interested in the reality of what is actually going on around them, much less their, and their friends and cohorts, role in causing, and failing to cure, the root causes of all the pain and misery that they complain about non-stop.  It’s like the old saw, “Everyone complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it.”

Fact is, “they” are not interested in getting to the ROOT of our nation’s problems, but rather just want to bemoan them, which is the easy way out. And while we can all appreciate the attractiveness of the non-stop, and very enjoyable, "ain't it awful" lifestyle, we should actually be much, much more interested in going straight to the CAUSE and CURE of these "horrible" things that everyone shouts incessantly about all the time. But, no, that would require work, both mental and physical, plus the actual pain of doing something about things, and that would spoil the “fun” of just treating everything as a enjoyable games.

The realistic approach is absolutely not the popular thing to do, because human nature never wants to look its real problems directly in the face, and then face their own role, individually and collectively, in causing these problems. And they are even much less interested in taking on the burden of facing squarely the cause, and the “pain” of correcting these things.

Take, for example immigration, and all the problems and pain surrounding it. We wouldn’t have this pain and problem if WE had had the numbers of children required to do our own work. But, oh no, having those children would have been painful and troublesome, so we took the easy way out, and birth-controlled our children out of existence. Then we whine night and day that these “stinky” immigrants, legal and illegal, are taking over our country, blah, blah, blah.  Fact is, you just can’t systematically kill your own children in a gigantic genocidal holocaust and then expect to keep your country. Yet, that is the “head in the sand” mentality of almost everyone. It’s called trying to have your cake and eat it to.

Sorry, but we should train ourselves to be inveterate realists, as opposed to most people simply wanting the sense of security that comes from living, and wanting to live, and enjoying living, in a fantasy world that is based, either on denial that bad things are happening, and/or denial of the fundamental causes and cures of these bad things happening. It is so much easier to either deny bad things are happening, or after admitting they are happening to deny their actual cause and cure. To take this insane route is a study in pain avoidance psychology at work.

If you say boo about this to most people, it is like you are ruining the fun of the game by injecting a bit of reality into the game. To call attention to unpopular truth, you are labelled a party-pooper, spoil sport, or a grim faced “downer.” Games are so much less stressful than actually living real life as it is, which is why people constantly play all sorts of games, such that their lives become one long interconnected series of games. On the bright side, maybe they die happy. And that may be true, but on the down side, no self-respecting God would want them anywhere around in His heaven, and that is for sure.

One thing is for sure. 99% plus of all talking heads, and writers, including all politicians, preachers, and pundits, play along with these deception games that the entire public want. The unwritten rule is that they can bemoan, and bewail, and “ain’t it awful us to death, to their heart’s content, but they can never, never utter a word about the real causes and cures for our pain. That would be to break the rules, and NONE of them, Right, Left, or Center dare to break that rule, or they would quickly be out of a job. The public will not stand for having their noses rubbed in their own mess. This game is sometimes called, “I’m OK, Your OK...”

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