Precinct Re-Organization Plan

Precinct Re-Organization Plan 

PrecinctParty.Blogspot.Com rebuilding plan is a prototype proposal. Therefore, it is necessarily a work in progress, which by definition, is subject to change and improvement. 

There are a number of templates that can be developed to accomplish our essential purpose here. 

One version would have us function essentially as a non-partisan organization intended to strengthen the Precinct system across party lines, as a civic betterment project. We could accomplish most of our goals within that framework.

Another template would be to have a partisan organization that focused entirely and overtly on strengthening the Republican Precinct System. Either way would work, or both ways can proceed at the same time. Presently, there is somewhat of a mixture of these being tried, but from our point of view they are way to little, less than effective.

No one should be put-off by the overlapping nature of these two approaches and every individual interested in this Civic Betterment Project should feel free to work utilizing both approaches by focusing on the fundamental purpose of this cause which serves us Conservatives well by improving people control of the Precinct System of the nation generally. Look on it as a golden chance to work with those of good will on the opposite side across the aisle so to speak.

It is not a bad  idea to let the ordinary folks in each party work together to create a political system which is more controlled by the Precincts rather than run by the bosses to their own benefit instead of ours. The watchdog function of the Precincts is an invaluable check on the politicians selling us out to line their own pockets. The goal of revitalizing the Precincts will increase the power of the Conservatives over the Republican establishment and elites.

A good example, is ACORN, (Obama's shock troops in the campaign,) which despite their strong Democrat bias, have maintained their non-profit status though it all.

Strengthening the Precinct System in the nation, will help the rank and file control the sell-out elites in both political parties.  

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