PrecinctParty Checklist

PrecinctParty Checklist

Precincts Need:

Computerization: To track the performance of each Precinct, Block or Section. 

Education: To create a cadre body that is well informed. 

Funding: To enable the work to proceed effectively. 

Goals: To know where what bench marks we are aiming for. 

Image: To Improve the Image of Precinct Officers and Precincts. 

Legal Standing: To understand exactly what our rights, and obligations are. 

Organization: To bring people together to make this happen. 

Philosophy: To understand the vital role of the Precinct past, present and future. 

Plan for Victory: To Focus on winning for which there is not substitute. 

Resources: To focus on the fund raising that this will require. 

Respect: To earn the respect Precincts and Precinct Officers should have. 

Vision: To embrace the vision of what we are all about. 

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